Here Are Three Places in Florida Perfect for Businesses

Florida is one of the most popular places in the United States mainly because of its tropical climate. In fact, it is nicknamed “The Sunshine State.” The beautiful beaches, swaying tall trees, and the sunny weather, however, attract not only tourists but business investors as well. Every year, numerous businesses – from small to medium to established conglomerates – set up shop in Florida. As practically all the places you go to in Florida can be good for business, here are three that should be on top of your list and should, therefore, be your priorities.



Naples is a wealthy city. It is popular for its white sand beaches, endless shopping, and tourist influx. The city also has a bustling business scene, with small-and-medium businesses opening one after the other year after year. In addition to this, they proudly promote their own – particularly the local shops, restaurants, and other establishments in the Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District.



This Orange County, Florida city is quite small, with a population of more of less 15,700 (2015 and 2016 records). Despite this, businesses like to set up shop in this place because of the promising revenues. According to an article on, Maitland businesses earn an average of around $4.5million each in revenues. Additionally, the city also helps aspiring and promising entrepreneurs by offering various trainings, workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions on a regular basis.


Orange City

Although its popularity is largely due to the yearly NASCAR Daytona 500, Orange City is in this list because of its booming business scene. Its business district is an interesting combination of old and new businesses, including some of the city’s iconic establishments. Any business will feel welcome in such a vibrant environment.

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