The Philip is the ideal “doctor for businesses.” Check out the different services that we offer:

Identification and Definition

Our first task is to help identify and define what a company does, what its goals are, as well as what its strongest and weakest points are. For businesses wishing to establish a strong brand and reputation, they need to have a solid understanding of their mission and goals. Only businesses that can fully define what they do and what their goals are can solicit support and following from the consumer market.

Market Analysis

The Philip’s strategy consultants are trained to observe the market with keen eyes. They study every movement, including the minute changes, which take place in the market. Therefore, they analyze opportunities in the market, as well as how a company can take advantage of these opportunities through their capabilities (i.e. offered products and services).

Problem Solving

Here at The Philip, we are trained to help businesses come up with solutions that help solve strategy problems. These are more than just daily decisions; these are problems that can make or break a company. The Philip has people especially trained to handle these problems with skill, determination, and efficiency.

Areas of Interest

The Philip offers strategy consultancy in the following areas or business disciplines:

-Financial Management


-Mergers & Acquisitions

-Risk Management

-Company Organization



-IT or Technology

Our services are good for both small-and-medium businesses and large enterprises. We cater to companies operating in various industries. Our consulting team’s main agendum is to establish a good working relationship with clients until it eventually becomes a partnership. This way, goals are achieved easily and efficiently.

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