Different Types of Australian Visa Applications

Are you planning to visit, live, work or be a part of the Aussies? Then why not try to apply the different types of visa, which you think you are qualified and you have that particular requirement needed for said Visa application. Of course, when you travel abroad or overseas you need a document that certifies that you are permitted to enter such country and the authorities validate your intention of coming in the country and for no other bad reasons. This is a policy which you need to follow and a compulsory to undergo a lot of processes before they welcome you.

Here are the different common types of Visas which are either permitted or obstructed by the Australian Embassy;

Visitor visa

If your plan is to take a visit or tour to Australia, then you must apply this type of Visa in the Embassy. If you want expert advice for Skilled Migrant Visa you can contact Migration  Australia. You can take a visit to different spots where you are going to go if permitted by the Australia Embassy.

Work (temporary/ short stay activity)

If your reason to come to Australia to work or for short stay activity or you are going to attend a conference or important business purpose then apply this type of Visa.


For those who want to study in some prestigious school in Australia and wanted to become a student of Australia then apply for a student Visa.


For those who will take the route to Australia and enter another country, you have to apply for this Transit Visa, especially for those passengers.

Resident (Temporary)

If you’re planning to become part of Australian government and living in there to become a permanent citizen of the country and wanted to travel and came from Australia, then apply for this resident visa.


If you are planning to live together with your partners, children or other family members then migration visa should be applied.

Refugee (humanitarian entry)

If you become a refugee and you want to enter here for safety purposes, then you need to this refugee entry visa.

Whether you are going to migrate, doing some business purposes, study or travel in Australia, everything goes to be in legal process. You can’t just enter such country without permission or if you are qualified, because this is for the country’s security and protection. The purpose of applying for Visa is to certify any individual that they will come for good intentions and valid purpose and not for some terrorist activity that would harm the citizens and the peace and order of the country. So before taking a flight to Australia, process first your legal documents and compile the requirements needed for the Visa that you are going to apply.


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