About the Schizo

Schizo Philip

Is an academically challenged, existentially critical, unnecessarily verbose dysfunctional Christian at present playing underdog and doormat as a misanthropic house surgeon. He is a Desi Blogger of the class maladjusted Mallu.

His latest Preoccupation is shooting himself in various poses with his dads nokia

His old blog resides Here. It might not reside there for much longer though.

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Update: I have been told in no uncertain terms that my new profile sucks because it is too short and not funny at all. Since it was the best friend who told me this, I am sorely tempted to delete this one and post the old one again, instead i will just link to the old profile that i have copied onto one of my introductory posts here.

Since this link will give a lot of info let me not burden you with more.

Update 2: I Have been told again that this introduction to myself is silly and obtuse when compared to the previous one so I am forced to give you the former about ramble. Here it is, read and be enlightened.

I am a maladjusted medical student, a dysfunctional Christian,a genius procrastinator and a wannabe geek.(Handsome is obvious, so not listed)
I Blog about anything that strikes me or anything that I want to strike.
I am known for my humor, charm, looks, honesty, hardworkingness etc.
I lie
Humility Is not one of my weaknesses.
I love making new blogs
I also love doing many many many things and projects at the same time
I love snakes.
I am caninophobic
I Sleep in my free time
I LoVe the word “I”
My fave authors
CS Lewis
Ayn Rand
JRR Tolkien
Philip Yancey

Books that almost changed me
To kill a mocking bird
Whats so amazing about grace
The Jesus I never knew
Mere christianity
The Bible
Animal farm

Music I love
Third Day
Steven Curtis Chapman
Jars Of Clay
Randy Travis
John Denver
Johhny Cash
Most Indian Classical
Matt Redman
Kenny rogers
Alan jackson


The blog is meant for expressing myself, I am totally responsible for the ideas expressed in the blog unless otherwise stated.Obviously I mean to harm no sentiments but if I do, I apologize, but refuse to change.