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Go spread some manure and dont be a closet blogger

January 31st, 2007 by Schizo · No Comments

What the hell am I doing on the net blogging five days form my exams? Well I am very distracted, the PG results just came and my best buddy Justin has qualified for DA and so have many other people I like. And even otherwise I am just simply not able to concentrate. So doing something productive.

The blog stats tell me that the readership is not surprisingly dwindling so to do the best thing is linkwhoring (not to be confused with link baiting), fortunately there is never a lack of good stuff on the net to link to so here goes.

Lorelle, at the beginning of the “30 Days of WordPress Plugins” says we should be nice and fair and donate to the plugin makers. Darn right. I think i am going to go make some plugins now.

Thabiti over at pure church says jesus is for affirmative action.

After all, is not Jesus for affirmative action?
Okay, I know that last question raised a few brows. Let me explain by asking another question. What is the gospel message? It’s a message of affirmative action.

Justin Tyler replies.

In his latest response, he asked me to expand on my suggestion that affirmative action is based on cultural relativism, proportional representation, and collectivism.

You have no clue what that means right? neither do I so head over to the blog. He explains well.

Cultural relativism says that all groups and cultures are equal and, absent injustice, will produce equal results. Proportional representation is the expectation of cultural relativism–any institution should “look like” or represent its broader cultures.

Do You have the power of God Asks Kevin T. Bauder

Whether screamed or sobbed, the question seemed imposing as it dropped from the Great Man’s mouth. It was the kind of question that could send vulnerable adolescents to their dormitory basement to weep and yowl in the hope that God would maybe—just maybe—pour out His power upon them. Oh, to have the power of God!

Who among us would have the effrontery actually to claim to have God’s power? For anyone but the Great Man, would not such a claim smack of arrogance, perhaps even of megalomania?

FreeSBIE is a live CD of a unix derived distro with over 400 software!!! I am so going to try this one as soon as the damn exams are over.

Via lifehacker Photo Credit nedlinux

Are you a closet blogger? go over to life and find out and go visit her blog, its good. For the record I dont mind closet blogging but I agreee with the point she makes, commenting is not about saying the right thing or someting articulate and knowledgeable its a conversation.

Lastly Jim whimpy says the thing I wanted to but was too lazy about super hero quizzes. For the record I have taken as many of em as i can. I score variously ranging from venom to blackcat, and I dont cheat.

Ok thats enough

In your spare time do go over my shared google reader items they are in a blue box to the right.

gotta run



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