beginners guide to blogs: 3 Tools to organise and supercharge your blogging experience

For the recent inductees into the blog world the quantum of information available can be overwhelming and confusing. You come across so many new and wonderful sites, articles, tips, freeware etc. that keeping all this data for future reference or reading is next to impossible if you plan to use just your good ol memory. The schizo looks at some of the questions/problems you might face (and he faced) and tells you the tools that have made him such an influential and powerful uber-geek-god.

Question 1: How the blazes do I remember all the sites a visited (well, not all, but the ones I want to visit again).

Answer : Many a new geek/blogaddict just copies the url of the useful site into his yahoo or Google notepad or saves it as a draft. This is an excellent way for storing those sites that are for personal reference and those you don’t want the whole world to know about, but for all the other stuff this method is cumbersome and time consuming.

When I was struggling with this problem last year I came across the term “social bookmarking” many times, and so I investigated and discovered;

Tool number 1: Del icio us.

Social bookmarking is a fancy way of saying you can store links and descriptions of all the sites you want on the net and these can be accessed by you or others anywhere. You can also organize them using tags. Mind you, mine is a very simplified definition and the experts will tell you that there are a million uses to delicious, and I am sure you will find them when you need them.

Use tool 1 to

  • Organize your links
  • Find good links by going through the links of other people
  • Use it as a to-do list like I do.
  • Add your use as you go along.

What you need to do: head over to the site, sign up for a free account and enjoy!!

Read this from slacker manager for more information

Question 2 : What about those sites I want to read regularly, it’s a pain to follow a bookmark everyday.

Answer: Heard of RSS? Feed? Atom? Syndication? If you have been surfing for over a week I bet you have been baffled by these terms that are so freely thrown around all over the place. All these are neat thingajingbums that for most people mean this; If “A” has a blog that you want to keep track of but there are too many “A’s” to keep track of, you can.

Tool number 2: Feed Reader

A feed reader collects the updates from all the blogs and sites you want to read and gives it to you in one tab or window in an organized manner.
I use Goolge reader.

Use tool 2 to;

  • Collect in one place all the sites you want to visit
  • Get to know when they are updated
  • Cut down on visits hunting for updates
  • Subscribe to just one category like lifehacker top

What you need to do: Sign up for a free account, easy if you have a gmail account,(if you don’t tell me, I will send you an invitation) or sign up with your other email ID. Then head over to the blogs you want to keep in touch with and find a button that says “FEED” (or subscribe) it’s usually bright orange and easy to find. Click on the link and follow onscreen instructions.

More reading:
Tips for Google reader
Google vs. bloglines

Question 3: It takes too much time if to manually enter the feed names and urls for the feed reader and delicious.

Answer : Stop whining.

Tool number 3 Bookmarklet

These are a neat tools made up of a long strings of undecipherable javscripts code (which you don’t need to know) that enables you to directly add link to delicious or add a feed to feed reader from your browser’s toolbar tool.JPG

Bookmarklets can be dragged onto the tool bar in firefox. Find the del icio us BM here

Google reader bookmarklet is in the goodies section in you settings panel. Hunt around you will find it or you can use this one which has links to other bookmarklets also so take your pick.

I am writing this under the assumption that you, like any civilized human being today use firefox. If you don’t, GET FIREFOX NOW!!!!!

So much for my hiatus from blogging.

will go study now



PS: As is the policy, please add to what I have written on your blog if possible and track back. If not, comment, if not pray. Or whatever

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